zan zaux
Zan Zaux
Tsutomu 'BEN' OKADA quartet
Second Album
  • Sale on April 28, 2010
  • TOAST label / TBCJ-10041
  • Kosuke MINE - tenor saxophone
  • Souichi NORIKI - piano
  • Tsutomu OKADA - bass
  • Hiroshi MURAKAMI - drums
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Two years from their first album "HAPPINESS". The long-awaited second album of <HIKONORIBEN Band>.
As the former work was, we can listen to their harmonious performance. They have matured increasingly, and yet they are still going on looking for something in their session. They sometimes play defiantly. We can feel a part of it, when listening to this.

Tsutomu OKADASouichi NORIKIKosuke MINEHiroshi MURAKAMI

  1. Zan Zaux >>【YouTube】
  2. After the check out >>【YouTube】
  3. First show >>【YouTube】
  4. Words and mood
  5. Everything happens to me
  6. Penny Saved
  • Recorded at "jazz inn LOVELY", Nagoya
  • Recorded on December 12, 2009
  • Recording by Kazuya NAGAE
  • Recording Assistant Aiko HORIYAMA
  • Mastered at "wavedesign" studio
  • Mastered by Kazuya NAGAE
  • Piano tuning by Michiko MIKATA
  • Cover design by Takuya KATOH
  • Liner photographs by Shozo YUKUMOTO
  • Liner photographs by Takuya KATOH
  • Produced by Tsutomu OKADA
  • Supported by TOAST
  • (Tsutomu Okada Active Supporting Team)
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